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DB orders CRRC hybrid locomotives

View original article: Railway Gazette

Deutsche Bahn has awarded CRRC Zhuzhou a contract to supply AZLok battery diesel electric hybrid locomotives.

GERMANY: Deutsche Bahn has awarded sole bidder CRRC Zhuzhou a contract to supply four hybrid locomotives for hauling engineering trains. Delivery is scheduled for 2021, and there are options for up to 16 more of the locos.

The 750 kW TSI-compliant AZLok locomotives will be able to operate at a maximum speed of 100 km/h using diesel, third rail electric or battery power on main line routes and on the Berlin S-Bahn network, for which they will be built to a low profile.

CRRC Zhuzhou estimates that the use of hybrid traction will produce a 30% energy saving compared to a conventional locomotive. As well as enabling 80% of the braking energy to be recovered, the lithium battery will allow the diesel engine to be switched off when idling and will provide emission-free operation in tunnels. The locos will be fitted with remote diagnostic systems.

CRRC said the order signed in Berlin on June 20 was significant as it marked its entry into a ‘high end’ European market as part of its global expansion strategy.