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Delivery of up to 50 “zero-emission” DM 20-EBB shunting and medium-haul locomotives


CRRC ZELC, Vossloh Locomotives and Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH concluded an agreement

Framework agreement for the delivery of up to 50 “zero-emission” shunting and medium-haul locomotives concluded



A framework agreement for the delivery of up to 50 “zero-emission” shunting and medium-haul locomotives and a full-service maintenance contract has been concluded between CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (CRRC ZELC), Vossloh Locomotives GmbH and Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH (on behalf of its investment partner RIVE Private Investment). The asset management and rental of the newly developed generation of locomotives will be run by the company Northrail GmbH, which is part of the Paribus Group.


Dr. Volker Simmering, managing partner of Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH and Northrail GmbH explains:

“The reduction of CO2 emissions is one of the most important climate protection measures to achieve the climate targets set at national and international level. In the area of mobility and transport, rail traffic is already making an important contribution, this contribution will grow in the future using additional emission-free locomotive fleets.”

Northrail GmbH will take over the asset management and leasing of the new locomotive fleet. The delivery of the first locomotives is planned for mid-2024. Northrail will be the first and only Europe-wide leasing company to provide its customers with completely newly developed “zero-emission” battery-electric shunting and medium-haul locomotives.

The new vehicles are innovative battery-electric dual-mode locomotives called the type “DM 20-EBB”. This type is initially designed for use in the German and Dutch rail network and is based on the DM 20 platform solution, which can accommodate various drive modules. The DM 20-EBB feeds its electric drive motor with electricity from the overhead line or from battery power and thus enables operation without direct CO2 emissions. With a capacity of 350 kilowatt hours, the battery enables an output of 500 kW at the wheel. When utilizing electricity from the overhead line, the locomotive is able to deliver 2,500 kW at the wheel in AC mode and 1,500 kW in DC mode.

For CRRC ZELC, Vossloh Locomotives, as well as for Paribus Rail Investment Management, Northrail and RIVE Private Investment, this framework agreement serves as a “beacon” project with regards to an even more climate-friendly design of future rail transport.


Dr. Bernd Hoppe, CEO of Vossloh Locomotives GmbH comments:

“The DM 20 opens the door to the future. The hybrid drive concept enables completely emission-free train operation for numerous operational options. With the full-service framework agreement concluded in addition to the supply contract, we are also implementing the principle of condition-based maintenance (CBM) on a locomotive in a comprehensive form.”

Michael Trentzsch, Managing Director of Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH states:

“Rail transport plays a special role in creating climate-friendly mobility and transport offers. The development of innovative drive concepts and the acquisition of appropriately equipped vehicle fleets is therefore an important business area that we are opening up for our customers, which is also interesting from the perspective of investors. The very high average age of the existing shunting and medium-haul locomotive fleet in the target market of over 40 years means that there will be a considerable need for replacement purchases in the medium term. Northrail will be the first leasing company to serve this need with a new generation of emission-free locomotives.”

Camille Brunel, partner at RIVE Private Investment adds:

“This transaction strengthens the strategic position of RIVE Private Investment in the rail sector together with our partner Paribus/Northrail with the aim of supporting the energy and environmental transition in Europe, as rail is the most energy-efficient mode of transport for freight. We view this project as the first milestone in the creation of a European Green Rail platform in the field of shunting and medium-haul locomotives.”



Read the original press release (German) :
Ankauf, Finanzierung und Management: Rahmenkaufvertrag für bis zu 50 „Zero-Emission“ Rangier- und Mittelstreckenlokomotiven

Source: Vossloh Locomotives