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CRRC ranking 3rd place in the 9th Vienna Danube Dragon Boat Race!





On June 24th, the “9th Vienna Danube Dragon Boat Race” was held on the banks of the Danube River in Vienna, Austria. The event was jointly organized by the Austrian Dragon Boat Association, the Austria-China Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Association and the Chinese Tourism Office in Zurich. CRRC ZELC Europe actively participated in the race, showing great courage and achieving remarkable results.

Chinese Ambassador to Austria, Qi Mei, and District Mayor of Vienna’s 22nd District, Nevrivy, attended the event and delivered speeches.


Fu Chengjun, Chairman of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotives Co., Ltd., as well as Vice General Managers Liao Hongtao and Chen Yong, participated in or observed the race, cheering on the employees.


A total of 23 teams from Austria and neighboring countries participated in the competition. CRRC ZELC Europe participated with two teams “CRRC Dragon Express” and “CRRC Dragon Wagon”. In the first round, due to the team’s lack of experience in their first participation, the team’s performance was slightly below par. But they quickly learned from their experiences, adjusted tactical strategies and in the second round they displayed great determination and showcased their strong capabilities by reaching the finish line first, earning applause and admiration along the coast. After three rounds of intense competition, “CRRC Dragon Express” achieved an excellent performance and secured third place in the non-professional race.



This remarkable achievement not only recognizes the team’s efforts but also demonstrates the strength that arises from collaborative teamwork and the cultural integration of CRRC ZELC Europe!



Under the theme of “Connecting the World, Benefiting Humanity” the CRRC ZELC Enterprise Social Responsibility and Cultural Exchange Center (Europe) played an active role in this event, engaging in cross-cultural exchanges with local Viennese companies, dragon boat enthusiasts and various Chinese community groups, opening up a new chapter of friendship, mutual trust, and exchange and cooperation.



Congratulations to our teams for their dedication and the remarkable achievement of ranking
3rd place at the 9th Vienna Danube Dragon Boat Race!