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Electric Hybrid Locomotive acquires TSI Certificates

On July 3rd, in Vienna, Austria, the Vice President of TÜV NORD Group, Dr. Stefan Pöting, presented CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (CRRC ZELC) with the Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI) certificates for the Rolling Stock (RST) subsystem and the Control-Command and Signaling (CCS) subsystem of its fully electric hybrid locomotive.


The Deputy General Managers of CRRC ZELC Mr. Hongtao Liao and Mr. Yong Chen, as well as the homologation research and development team, were  all present to witness this moment together. 


The homologation research and development team of CRRC ZELC, along with all the dedicated technicians involved in this project, have worked diligently to overcome the challenges encountered, such as cultural differences and the impact of the global pandemic. The efficient acquisition of the TSI certifications for both subsystems is the result of their collective efforts.




The certified locomotive, known as CHA1B1, is a fully electric hybrid locomotive with a “Catenary + Battery” power system. It joins the ranks of CRRC ZELC’s new energy hybrid locomotive “family” as the latest member, following the TSI certification achievements of the “Diesel + Battery” hybrid locomotive (CHA1A1) for Deutsche Bahn in Hamburg and the “Diesel + Third-Rail + Battery” hybrid locomotive (BR1004.5) for Deutsche Bahn in Berlin.


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