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Certificated with ECM2


After obtaining the ECM1 maintenance and ISO9001 quality management certificates of the European Union for maintaining railway vehicles in early 2023, in August this year, CRRC ZELC EUROPE has successfully passed the second stage of ECM qualification and has been awarded the ECM2 certificate issued by the Austrian certification body ERC GmbH.

The certification work started in early 2022. With the professional assistance of our parent company’s quality management and maintenance team, CRRC ZELC EUROPE established a certification team to build a maintenance and quality management system that complies with the European standards. The team members were chosen from various departments of the company to ensure that every aspect of the company’s operations is kept in line with the regulations.

The ECM2 qualification certifies that CRRC ZELC EUROPE possesses railway vehicle maintenance capabilities which satisfy the EU standards in the field of ECM2. CRRC ZELC EUROPE will continue to improve its maintenance and quality management standards and provide our customers with high-quality products and services.


We sincerely thank the professional teams and all the employees and advisers involved in the project as well as the certification body ERC GmbH for their commitment and expertise that guided us through the whole process of obtaining the ECM certificates to achieve our goal to improve the quality of our ECM system.