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The “Double-Ninth” or “Chongyang” Festival!



The “Double-Ninth” or “Chongyang” festival is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month in the lunar calendar. The number nine “Jiu 九” is pronounced the same way as “Jiu 久” in Chinese, which can also symbolizes long life in Chinese culture. It is a festival  to honor the elders and show them our respect.



The traditions of the Chongyang Festival include climbing to the top of a mountain to enjoy the chrysanthemum blossoms, drinking chrysanthemum tea or chrysanthemum wine and eating Chongyang cake.

On this occasion, CRRC ZELC EUROPE wants to share our hiking experiences and the beauty of the Austrian mountains with you!



Schafberg – Erzberg – Schneeberg – Hausstein / Myrafälle – Schober – Hohe Wand



Let’s walk together on our journey through the valleys and peaks of life and enjoy a long, long “99 久久” life!

CRRC ZELC EUROPE wishes everyone a long and healthy life filled with joy, love and countless memorable moments!