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At the beginning of the new year, let’s take a moment to look back at our activities from the past year,
reviving our accomplishments and acknowledge the efforts that turned these into reality.



CRRC ZELC EUROPE celebrated the Chinese New Year,
making traditional Chinese dumplings together.


CRRC ZELC EUROPE was awarded the ECM1 & ISO9001 certificates!


CRRC ZELC EUROPE celebrated the Women’s Day, honoring female employees.


Four relay teams of CRRC ZELC EUROPE finished the charity run Vienna City Marathon!


Train models were showcased at the Transport Logistic in Munich!


The team of CRRC ZELC EUROPE placed 3rd in the Dragon Boat Race in Vienna,
showing their dedication and great teamwork!


The RCH Shunting Locomotive was exhibited at the Museum’s Night in Budapest and attracted a large number of fans with its rotating presentation.


The RCH Shunting Locomotive acquired the TSI certificates,
including RST and CCS subsystems!


CRRC ZELC EUROPE was awarded the ECM2 certificate!


Lively conversations took place at our booth at the 8th Railway Forum in Berlin.


The latest projects of CRRC were presented at the TRAKO in Gdansk.


The R&D Center of CRRC ZELC EUROPE shared insights on “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Tram and Energy Management Strategy” at the 48th Modern Rolling Stock Conference in Graz.


CRRC ZELC EUROPE engaged in the “China Film Week” in Vienna,
supporting cross-culture activities between China and Europe.


Green energy was the focus on the 6th China Forum and 1st Young Leaders Forum in Graz.


Remarkable moments of CRRC ZELC EUROPE are shown at the company culture wall in the Vienna Office. 


CRRC ZELC EUROPE is looking forward to more exciting activities in 2024, strengthening our cultural identity, contributing to social responsibility and connecting the world by enhancing cross-cultural exchange between Europe and China.
Guided by the motivation our company stand for:

Low Carbon Energy – Social Responsibility – Recycling Utilization – Caring public welfare