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CRRC Easter Event 2024


On 27th March 2024, CRRC ZELC EUROPE organized an Easter event for its employees, introducing the cultural background of Easter and sharing European traditions with its Chinese employees. The event program includes a presentation introducing the history of Easter, national holidays in different European countries, symbols, traditional festive dishes and Easter customs of Austria; Easter Egg Hunt; Enjoying traditional dishes together; Easter egg fight; Painting easter eggs and decorating the easter tree.


CRRC Easter Event 


Date of Easter

The first Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring (21st March)


History of Easter

Ash Wednesday – Lent starts 46 days before Easter Sunday (40 days of Lent, excluding Sundays)

Palm Sunday – Sunday before Easter; Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem

Maundy Thursday – Thursday before Easter; The Last Supper

Good Friday– Friday before Easter; Crucifixion of Jesus

Easter Sunday – Resurrection of Jesus

Easter Monday – Encounter with Jesus on the way to Emmaus


Traditional Easter Dishes in Austria

“Osterschinken” – Ham in bread

“Osterpinze” – Round-shaped sweet bread

“Osterlamm” – Lamb shaped cake

Easter eggs


Easter Customs

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Fight
Enjoying traditional Easter dishes together

Painting Easter Eggs

Decorating the Easter Tree



Embracing different cultural backgrounds the Corporate Social Responsibility & Cultural Exchange Center of CRRC in Vienna organizes traditional celebration events for European and Chinese festivals, deepening the cultural understanding of the employees and strengthening their bonds.


Spread the joy of Easter together!