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Regional Badminton Tournament


On 5th May 2024, CRRC ZELC Europe joined the regional friendly badminton tournament, hosted by PASCO (Professional Association of Chinese Scientists and Technologists in Austria). A total of 21 teams competed in the tournament, which featured Men’s doubles, Mixed doubles, and Women’s doubles categories. CRRC ZELC Europe entered with one group consisting of three doubles teams.


The teams of CRRC ZELC Europe gave their best in the tournament.

Thanks to the dedication of the players and the cheerful support from the audience, CRRC ZELC Europe achieved 5th place.


“Connecting the World through Better Mobility”


By engaging in sports events, CRRC ZELC Europe aims to promote a healthier lifestyle among its employees
and strengthen their bonds through collaborative teamwork.

The regional friendly badminton tournament was filled with exciting matches, collegial sportsmanship and a lot of fun!