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Austria Joint R&D Center


On June 19th, 2019 CRRC ZELC Austria Joint R&D Center for Rolling Stock Technology was established in Vienna, it stands testament to our strong commitment to research and development.

The establishment will set up a new platform for technological exchange and cooperation between CRRC ZELC and relevant research institutions, universities, and enterprises in Austria and other European countries, promoting “Industrial, academical, research, and practical development” to realize complementary advantages, open sharing and win-win cooperation.

CRRC ZELC highly values technological innovation for delivering green transport solutions with a minimum amount of emissions. It has expanded its plant in Zhuzhou, Hunan, into China’s largest research location and production site for environmentally friendly electric locomotives.

25% of over 10,000 employees are engaged in research and development

CRRC ZELC has built national enterprise R&D centers and is the only company in China to have three National level laboratories, which are shown in following:

The state key laboratory for integration of high-power AC drive electric locomotive systems;
The state engineering laboratory for integration of rail transit vehicle systems and
the national industrial design center for rail transit vehicles.
CRRC ZELC has also set up R&D centers in China, Turkey and South Africa.

The company has mastered many cutting-edge technologies including system integration, AC drive, heavy-duty transportation, magnetic levitation, vehicle energy storage, super capacitor, low floor, fault prediction and health management. Along with other CRRC ZELC R&D center, the R&D center in Austria is also committed to improve public travel conditions by creating transportation vehicles that harmonize with the environment.

Milestones of
CRRC ZELC Austria Joint R&D Center

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