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Multi-System Electric Locomotive

“Super Last Mile with the Power of Bison”

This Multi-System electric locomotive platform was developed for the European market, capable of satisfying the TSI certification requirements.
It will be mainly used for cross-border mainline rail transportation and short-distance shunting operations.

Technical Parameters

Catenary Power System DC 1500 V
DC 3000 V
AC 15kV 16 2/3 Hz
AC 25kV / 50Hz
Max. Width approx. 3 000 mm
Length approx. 19 600 mm
Continuous Rating Power up to 6 400 kW AC
Max. Running Speed 160 (up to 230) km/h AC
Startup Traction Effort 300 kN
Max. Electric Braking Effort 150 kN (optional 240 kN)
Weight 90 t
Axle Arrangement Bo-Bo
Axle Load 22,5 t
Track Gauge 1435 mm
Structure Gauge  EN 15273
Wheel Diameter 1 250 mm new
1 170 mm worn