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Dual-Voltage Electric Locomotive
in Africa

Class SA 21E

The freight locomotive (hereinafter referred to as SA 21E) is the first dual-voltage electric locomotive for Transnet Freight Rail developed in China, which has been further optimized upon SA 20E.

Its carbody is of an integral monocoque construction and is welded by steel plates and profiled elements. It can withstand more than 4MN compressive load and tensile load. It is equipped with air brake system and WDP system (control system of hard wire distributed power), which are all in compliance with AAR Standard. Tow-axle narrow-gauge bogies are adopted. Traction device adopts low-positioned dual draw bar structure; traction motor is suspended in an axle-hung manner.

Technical Parameters

ApplicationFreight Service on Mainline
Axle ArrangementBo-Bo
Catenary Voltage & FrequencySingle-Phase AC 25 kV / 50 Hz or DC 3000 V
Track Gauge1 065 mm
Total Weight102 t
Max. Operation Speed100 km/h
Traction Power3 000 kW
Brake Power3 000 kW
Starting Effort380 kN
Electric Brake ModeRegenerative Brake and Resistance Brake
Max. Electric Brake Effort200 kN