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E-Bus in Graz, Austria

Fast-charging supercaps are the main source of energy for environmentally friendly electric buses in Graz. They carried passengers on the Graz lines from November 2017 until October 2018 as part of the initiative from Graz Holding, holding test operations for a one year duration to find a green innovative transport solution for the future.


Statements from Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Solymos, Graz Holding:

“The test operation shows that supercaps are technically well suited to operate city bus traffic without emissions. Particularly noteworthy is the feature of the supercaps to be charged with high currents in a very short time, which results in short standing times at the charging stations.”

“Our Chinese partners were always giving their best to support the project in the best way possible. Certainly, we also faced some linguistic and cultural challenges sometimes, but all of these have been mastered. The representations of CRRC in Europe played an important role at this part.”

Technical Parameters

Energy Storage System Main Power Source: Super Cap
Auxiliary Power Source: LTO
Endurance Mileage 51 km
Max. Operation Speed 70 km/h
Passenger Capacity 135 Passengers
20-53 (seats)
Dimensions 17 945 mm x 2 540 mm x 3 535 mm
Max. Grade Ability 12 %
Min. Turning Radius 12 m
Empty Weight 18,8 t
Full-Load Weight 28 t
Floor Height 320 mm
Charging Mode Pantograph. 600kW in middle stations, 30~60s;
300kW in terminal stations, less than 10min

Operation in Graz, Austria

Length of Route 7,3 km
Charging Mode  In middle station “Museum der Wahrnehmung”
> charge 30s at 600kW

In terminal station “Theyergasse”
> charge less than 6min. at 300kW.