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EMU in Macedonia

The EMU in Macedonia was the company’s breakthrough in Europe. The multiple unit was developed according to European standards and is TSI-certified.

Technical Parameters

Power TypeAC 25kV / 50 Hz
Train Configuration2M + 1T 
Length60 020 mm
Max. Width2 860 mm
Height 4 335 mm
Height from Floor to ToR600 mm / 1 200 mm
Wheel Diameter850 mm 
Fixed Wheel Base of Bogie2 300 mm / 2 700 mm
Max. Operation Speed140 km/h
Height of Coupler Centerline above ToR1 025 mm
Max. Test Speed160 km/h
Starting Acceleratin0,85 m/s2
Max. Passenger Capacity300 Passengers
Max. Service Brake Deceleration1,0 m/s2