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ETS Intercity EMU in Malaysia

The EMU exported to Malaysia is the first order of high-end EMU train innovated independently by China. This is also a big contract with largest number of EMUs at that time. The EMUs run for north-south line in Malaysia adopt advanced technique which integrates the design of low-carbon, energy-saving, electrical drive, network control and light weight to decrease noise.

Technical Parameters

Power TypeAC 25kV / 50 Hz
Train Configuration4 motors cars + 2 trailer car 
Track Gauge1 000 mm
Max. Axle Load about 14 t
Length139 600 mm
Max. Width2 750 mm
Height 3 905 mm
 Height from Floor to ToR1 100 mm 
Fixed Wheel Base of Bogie2 300 mm
Height from Central Line of Coupler to ToR850 mm
Wheel Diameter850 mm
Max. Operating Speed140 km/h
Max. Trial Speed160 km/h
Starting Acceleration0,7 m/s2
Max. Service Braking Deceleration1,0 m/s2
Max. Emergency Braking Deceleration1,2 m/s2
Passenger Capacity (AW1 / AW2)312 / 508 Passengers