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InnoShunt 1063
Refurbishment Project in Austria

In cooperation with Tecsol, the 1063 InnoShunt, an electric locomotive for operation without contact wire, was rebuilt according to the requirements of ÖBB.

An alternative hybrid drive with batteries and supercaps was successfully installed, tested and presented at the InnoTrans Berlin 2016.

Technical Parameters

Track Gauge 1 435 mm
Distance between Pivots 8 300 mm
Wheelset Interval in Bogie 2 800 mm
Length over Buffers 15 700 mm
Adhesion Weight 81,4 t
Linear Load 5,18 t/m
Lowest Curve 80 m
Max. Speed 100 km/h
Catenary Voltage  15 kV / 16,7 Hz
Nominal Power 1 700 kW
Continous Traction Effort 220 kN
Drive Unit Cannon box
Brake System pneumatic, resist 

Additional Traction Equipment

Energy Content 155 kWh
Power  280 … 800 kW
Charge during catenary operations