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Kleinstlok HH in Hamburg, Germany

The Kleinstlok HH was designed to carry out shunting work and vehicle salvage on Hamburg’s S-Bahn railway network. The locomotive is designed with a combined diesel and battery hybrid drive system and can be operated emission-free in sensitive areas.

Technical Parameters

Power Supply Mode Hybrid Power with
Diesel-Generator Set + Lithium Titanate Battery 
Max. Width 3 040 mm
Length 14 400 mm
Max. Running Speed 80 km/h
Traction Power at Wheel Rim (kW) 400 (Hybrid Power Mode)
250 (Diesel Engine Mode)
150 (Lithium Battery Mode)
Startup Traction Force 100 kN
Min. Curve Radius 100 m
Exhaust Emission Level EU IIIB
Fuel Tank Volume 2160 L
Axle Arrangement Bo-Bo
Axle Load  14 t
Wheel Base  2 200 mm
Distance between Bogie Centers 7 060 mm