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Mainline Locomotives for RCH, Hungary

The Multi-System electric locomotives for Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) will be the first freight-optimized E-Locomotives in Europe. It can be operated as a shunting locomotive in non-electrified networks such as stations, ports and freight yards with the “Super Last Mile”.

The green lithium battery power package can avoid fuel waste and air pollution.

Technical Parameters

Catenary Power Systems AC 15kV / 16,7 Hz
AC 25kV / 50Hz
Super Last Mile Package 200 kWh with 350 kW Power at the Wheel, Lithium Batteries
Max. Running Speed 140 km/h 
Continuous Rating Power 5600kW (bei 15 + 25 kV)
350kW in Battery Mode
Startup Traction Effort 300 kN (Catenary)
300 kN (Battery)
Continuous Traction Effort 250 kN up to 80 km/h
Max. Electric Braking Effort 150 kN (optional 240 kN)
Max. Rated Brake Power 5 000 kW
Power Supply Line 1000V with 15kV / 16,7 Hz;
1500V with 25kV / 50Hz;
300 kVA Capacity
Min. Curve Radius 100 m
Axle Arrangement Bo-Bo
Axle Load 22,5 t
Total Weight 90 t
Structure Gauge  UIC 505-1 / EBO G1 and G2
Track Gauge 1 435 mm
Max. Width 2 950 mm
Length over Buffer 19 470 mm
Wheel Diameter 1 250 mm new
1 170 mm worn