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Medium-Low Speed Maglev in Changsha

CRRC’s medium-low speed maglev train uses electromagnetic levitation and short stator linear motor traction technology. lts many features, including a minimal turning radius, strong climbing ability, high safety performance, low noise, low vibration, good climate adaptability and enhanced passenger comfort, make it an ideal choice for complex terrains and medium passenger capacity requirements.

Five 3-car, medium-low speed maglev trains are currently operating on the Changsha South Railway Station – Huanghua Airport Line in China. The line runs across 18.55 km. CRRC not only manufactures the vehicles, but also provides the majority of related equipment for the line including power supply systems, signaling and BEL locomotives.

Technical Parameters

Train Marshalling 3-car Formation
Carbody All-welded Aluminum Alloy V Structure
Power Collection Type 48 310 mm Current from Side Rail
Rated Power Supply Voltage DC 1 500 V 
Gauge 1 860 mm
Max. Width of Train 2 800 mm
Carbody Length 15 510 mm (MC car)
15 000 mm (M car)
Vehicle Height (ToR to Vehicle Top) 3 700 mm
Clear Height of Saloon Height of Vehicle Floor to ToR 880 mm
Net Height of Passenger Compartment 2 100 mm
Distance between Centers of two Suspension Frame Modules 2 800 mm
Lateral Distance between Centers of two Suspension Frame 8 400 mm
Number of Suspension Frame Modules 5 per car
Rated Suspension Height 8 mm
Max. Operating Speed 100 km/h