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New Tram in Haizhu District, Guangzhou

The tram used in Haizhu District is a new type rail transportation tool.
Ultra-capacitor is used as power supply unit.

More than 85% of braking power could be transferred to electric energy to be re-used. The power will be charged during each stop, thus the overhead catenary is unnecessary.

This is a green, intelligent and environmental rail transportation tool which has no visual pollution, no charging damage and no corrosion for underground pipes. The vehicle adopts 4 modular formation including 3 motor cars and 1 trailer car. The maximum operation speed is 70km/h and the design life is 30 years.

Technical Parameters

Current Collection Mode Charge in Station
Train Configuration = Mc1 + M ++ T + Mc2 =
Length 36 548 mm
Width 2 650 mm
Floor Height 350 mm
1 800 mm
Axle Load 10,3 t
Passenger Capacity 368 Passengers