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Shenhua 24-axle Electric Locomotive
for CHN Energy in China

“King of Power for Heavy-Haul Railway”

The SHENHUA electric locomotive tailored for CHN Energy is optimized for heavy-duty optimized transportation and has the largest single-locomotive power and single-locomotive traction force in the world, with traction power at wheel-rim of 28,800 kW and starting traction force of 2,280 kN.

The layout is designed with two driver’s cabs at both ends and a middle corridor.

The BO-BO axle arrangement can be flexibly configured with 16-axles, 20-axles and 24-axles, while the catenary-side circuit and network control system can automatically match with different marshalling modes.

Technical Parameters

Catenary Power System AC 25kV / 50Hz
Max. Width 3100 mm
Length 105 736 mm
Continuous Rating Power 28 800 kW
Max. Operating Speed 120 km/h
Startup Traction Effort 2280 kN
Max. Electric Braking Effort 1382 kN
Weight 600 t
Axle Arrangement 6 (Bo-Bo)
Axle Load 25 t
Track Gauge 1435 mm
Min. Curve Radius  125 m
Wheel Diameter 1 250 mm new
1 150 mm worn