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Shunting Locomotive for RCH, Hungary

“Grasshopper” – CHA1B1 Hybrid Shunting Locomotive

The CHA1B1 hybrid shunting locomotive is designed for the operation in Hungary. It combines the usage of catenary and lithium battery power. The traction power at wheel in catenary mode is 850 kW, while in battery mode it amounts to 400 kW.

By using the lithium battery, the vehicle can be used on tracks without catenary. Furthermore, when in battery mode, the shunter emits zero emissions and runs with reduced noise and vibration, enabling environmentally friendly operation.

Technical Parameters

Type CHA1B1
Catenary Power System AC 25 kV / 50 Hz
Altitude ≤ 1400 m
Ambient Temperature -25°C ~ +40°C
Traction Battery ~ 350 kWh Lithium Battery
Max. Running Speed 100 km/h
Traction Power at Wheel Rim 850 kW (Catenary Power Mode)
400 kW (Lithium Battery Mode)
Startup Traction Force 250 kN
Max. Electric Braking Effort 80 kN
Axle Arrangement Bo-Bo
Axle Load  18,5 t
Track Gauge  1 435 mm